Guiding Principles

Our customer is our business. We must provide innovative products and services that excite our customers and exceed their expectations of quality, features and enduring value. We also must recognize and respond quickly and creatively to ideas of others, both internally and externally.

Our people are the company. Collings Interiors has been built upon the tradition of pride in craftsmanship, mutual trust, personal integrity, respect for dignity of the individual, a spirit of cooperation, and a sense of family and good humor. We seek to enhance this culture as we grow.

The environment is our home. We will be leaders in not only protecting but enhancing our world.

Recognizing that an attitude of pride in the company and the community are intertwined, we seek to share but not impose, our values within the communities in which we live. We also strive to help our communities be great places to live.

We believe the greatest contribution we can make to the prosperity and quality of life of the communities in which we operate lies in being a dynamic, growing company.